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Reupholstering a sofa or chair has many benefits

There are many reasons for reupholstering a sofa or chair, and everybody has their own motivations for choosing the furniture reupholstery option over the purchase of new items. Since launching the reCover furniture reupholstery service in the 1950s, thousands of people have chosen to reupholster their sofas and chairs with us because they recognise the many advantages of doing so.

Since 1920, ercol has been producing exquisite, hand-crafted furniture; the hard wood frames are made to the highest of standards, offering many years of service and enjoyment. However, despite the longevity of the frames, there will come a time where the softer elements of your furniture need reupholstering - a sofa or chair will have cushions and covers or seat pads, and the fabric will wear and the firmness of the interiors will deteriorate over time and with regular use, detracting from the overall beauty of the piece and no longer giving the sit and feel originally intended; hence the introduction of our service for reupholstering furniture.

Studio couch reupholstered by ercol

Reupholstery - continual enjoyment and environmentally aware

By reupholstering a sofa or chair, you can avoid having to replace the whole item, which is fantastic news if you still love your furniture; reupholstery allows you to get many more years of use from pieces that are still entirely functional but just need a little refreshing. Furniture reupholstery is just like recycling - reusing a quality item rather than sending it to landfill and adding to the environmental pressure that our planet is already under.

Reupholstering a sofa or chair is also a great way of adapting a cherished item so that it can fit in with a change in your interior decor or lifestyle. You may be considering furniture reupholstery in order to use the item in another room in your home, or you may have updated your 'look' and want new reupholstery to reflect this - and with the amazing choice of fabrics our reupholstery service offers, you're sure to find something that fits the bill perfectly. 

Evergreen range by ercol

Reupholstery - cost efficiency and versatility

Among the many benefits of reupholstery, cost efficiency has to be near the top of the list; reupholstering a sofa is friendlier to your pocket than buying a new one, and if you want to give your home a boost without breaking the budget, it makes sense to weigh up the pros and cons when it comes to cost. Reupholstery of an item that's otherwise robust and serviceable provides you with a cost effective solution and the versatility to adapt your furniture to any style or purpose you wish.

Of course, the reupholstery cost may also offer benefits to others; ercol frames are so well made that they often become family heirlooms, being passed down from generation to generation - furniture reupholstery is the ideal way to make sure that these investments last and can be loved by your beneficiaries when you no longer have use for them.

With over many fabrics in our range, ercol reupholstery offers you a wide choice of looks and styles. If you still can't find a fabric you like, we can even use a fabric supplied by you, giving you a truly unique piece of furniture that reflects your taste and preference.

Please follow the links to learn more about our reupholstering quality, the process for reupholstering a sofa or how to identify your furniture reupholstery item.

Alternatively, you can contact reCover to find out more about reupholstery cost or for any other help you may require.

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reCover is ercol's reupholstery service. It provides genuine replacement cushions for ercol upholstery and replacement pads for ercol dining chairs.

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